Commision & Contact


The first stage is to establish the medium, watercolour or pencil, then the size and contact the artist.


On average and depending on the size,  it will take a week for a drawing and 2-3 weeks for a watercolour.  Please bear in mind that it may take longer during holidays as the artist will be busy with other commissions.


Price will vary according to your specifications - size, medium, background or no background...


When the piece is finished a copy will be emailed to you and if you are happy with it an invoice will be issued.  


Shipping will be at cost and the cost will be added to the price of the painting.


The work will be shipped flat packed.  To keep shipping cost to the minimum your art will be mailed unframed which allow you to decide on the perfect frame to suit its placement in your home.


Martine reserves the right to use copies of commissioned work for her own portfolio and promotional purposes.  


All work is copyright of the artist. 



+44 (0)1432-639804